Mrs. Lothrop

hallway greeting
Welcome to Second Grade!

It was so nice to see some of you at the Open House and also at the drop in time before school had even started.  Your children have been doing a great job so far!  They are using the flexible seating to make sure that they are able to do their best work and have impressed me by changing seats if they are not able to to their best.  I believe that they are feeling good about having the ability to move when necessary.  

You should have received an outline of the curriculum and our daily schedule, as well as a September newsletter that highlights what is happening in the classrooms.  I hope that you are hearing good things from your children at the end of each day.  

If you were not able to come and see our classroom and would like to, let me know when you would like to come and I will stay late to meet you and show you around.

Feel free to email me with any questions or concerns that you may have: